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18.9.2017 - 15.12.2017 - Classes in the Fall semester 2017/2018

29.9.2017 - Dean's Day

17.11.2017 - National Holiday

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We offer high quality applied research for firms as well as for public sector. Team members have extensive experience with top level national and international research in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

European Projects

  • 6th FP project „Culture and Innovation Dynamic: Explaining the Uneven Distribution of Human Knowledge“ (CID) focused on innovative behavior in firms in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Cooperating firms: Skoda Auto, Bosch and another 30 international firms in the Czech Republic.
  • 7th FP project „Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship“ (CUPESSE) focused on intergenerational transmission of values, attitudes and traits that are important for entrepreneurship and employability
  • Erasmus + project „Startup Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience“ (SUPER) focused on support of incubation activities of higher education institutions

Projects for Public Sector

  • Technology Agency of the Czech Republic project „Research of current entrepreneurial activities in the Czech Republic, capturing their changes in the recent years and international comparison using GEM method“
  • Contracted research for Ministry of Industry and Trade „Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Czech Republic“ 2006 and 2011
  • Project NAKI for Ministry of Culture „Effective methods of support of small and medium sized organizations in the sector of culture“

Applied Tesearch for Firms

  • Edolo Consult s.r.o.