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Actual projects

As a Centre, our current focus is on a selected few projects for which both students as well as members of the Faculty of Business Administration are involved (see Theses).

TA CR – Beta2 – Society 4.0

University of Economics solving minitenders in the framework of a public contract from TA CR.

Concluded with the Faculty of Business Administration, the Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT) was awarded a framework agreement with TA ČR for this public procurement. It is the first public tender launched in the newly approved programme, BETA2.

During 2017 and 2018, CDT experts will compete for partial contracts that focus on science, energy, environmental protection, data security, and education.

IG 1 – i4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Czech Republic.

The project deals with issues related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The main objective of this research is to analyse the current state of Industry 4.0 in the Czech Republic and determine the potential benefit for organisations. The first phase of the research examines whether there already exists an application in the Czech Republic and whether Czech organisations have been involved in Industry 4.0. The findings are subsequently examined to discover the benefits, limitations, and organisational experiences that have already implemented this concept.

IG 1 – Lean ČR

Improving business performance using lean management principles.

This project identifies how lean Czech organisations are and determines the LEAN Index (LI) based on the findings. This index assists to identify the level of thinness within the organisations. In addition, it demonstrates the scope for organisational improvement.  The index is considered a unique quantitative gauge, which may affect other indicators of the organisation or may be influenced by others.

IRS – The support of pedagogical processes at FPH VŠE through analyses of graduates’ key competencies

How to prepare graduates of our faculty for new labor market requirements?

The project aims to determine what are the current and future requirements for graduate skills, knowledge, and abilities from the perspective employers, regarding upcoming social changes in line with the strategic policies of the Czech government and the Ministry of Education.

IG 1 Influence of Industry 4.0 on WMS requirements

Improved logistics through automated warehouses.

The project assesses the current state of readiness for WMS connectivity with disruptive technologies related to Industry 4.0. Based on the analysis of WMS supply and users’ demand, recommendations for modification of WMS are formulated to fit the requirements consistent with the Industry 4.0 environment.

IG 1 – Process Excellence and Digitalisation

Automation and digitization of business processes in the Czech Republic.

The project deals with the level of preparedness of the processes prevalent within Czech enterprises for the implementation of the elements and principles relative to digital transition. The Czech government emphasises business transformation to a higher level of automation and digitalisation. Also, newly approved updates of strategic policies and action plans correspond to this condition. The transformation is hardly feasible without sufficiently mature business processes. Therefore, this project identifies the basic characteristics of business processes required to facilitate the digital transition.

IG 2 – Transformation of Czech businesses to Industry 4.0

What changes need to be made by an enterprise to transform to Industry 4.0?

The benefit of this research project lies in the definition of transformation steps in key business areas, which must be performed to identify, introduce and extract the opportunities offering Industry 4.0. This based on the identification of existing best practices in the field and also on definition of the role of Industry 4.0 in terms of political economy. The project aims at businesses in the Czech Republic, where no such research has been done yet. Its results will serve for the enterprises as a recommendation, what changes businesses must realize to identify the necessary changes and to implement the transformation into the state known as Industry 4.0.