Basic Information

The Institute of Excellence in Management (IEM) is an independent and internal unit of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). The Institute covers a wide range of activities in the field of business and management that include among others, consulting, executive education, research, information services, evaluation and assessment, as well as professional and expert services.

To accomplish this mission, the Institute calls upon internal resources from the FBA, other faculties, and experienced leaders from both academia and professional practice.

The IEM mission enhances the academic potential of the faculty in its search for innovative solutions to current business challenges. In doing so, this combination of academicians and management practitioners overcomes any possible limitations from working in insolation from each other.

To better serve this mandate, the Institute focuses on issues and problems that meet two main criteria. Firstly, there exists an identified need or problem to resolve within the operational or contextual environment. Secondly, the faculty possesses the proper competencies and skillsets required to confront the issue or problem area.

In sum, each Center within the Institute represents a specific knowledge domain, that functions as a blend of academic and practitioners to share their mutual expertise.

The Institute constitutes an association of the various centers of excellence and provides a common platform, common vision, strategy, shared experience, Public Relations and administrative support.

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